Strike Gold

With ESAB OK GoldRox – a higher-quality all-position Stick electrode.

OK GoldRox rutile 6013 electrodes deliver brilliant performance for everyday stick welding applications, with properties that help fabricators of all skill levels turn their projects into gold.

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Gold Performance

Easy arc striking.

Arc striking and re-striking are simple with OK GoldRox electrodes, even with low-voltage power sources.

Easy slag release.

OK GoldRox electrodes feature better slag release, saving you time and money on post-weld cleanup.

Minimal spatter.

With exceptional arc stability, OK GoldRox electrodes reduce spatter when compared to standard 6013 electrodes.

Superior all-position performance.

Whether welding flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead, OK GoldRox electrodes will help you get virtually any job done well.


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